Helpful Tips

Putting on your MyBand…

Step 1: Put the phone in pocket before putting it on your arm.

Step 2: Slide MyBand on, having the pocket opening facing up, towards the elbow.

Taking off your MyBand…

Step 1: Remove MyBand from arm.

Step 2: Squeeze the phone from the bottom to take it out of the pocket.

How to wash your MyBand…

Step 1: Turn your MyBand inside out.

Step 2: Machine wash on a delicate cycle with warm or cold water.

Step 3: Dry on low or medium heat

Note:  The pocket that holds the phone may still have some moisture.  Simply prop it open and let it air dry or place it in front of a fan.

You can also hand wash and air dry your MyBand.  I still recommend that you turn it inside out to wash.